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Yang ear cuff in gold vermeil

Yang ear cuff in gold vermeil

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Welcome to our new chapter! We has been experiencing fashionable spiritual jewellery. And we are proud to introduce our first Energy Art Jewellery! We combine spiritual elements, energy and frequencies with fashion jewellery, creating this new genre of energy jewellery art.

Energy comes and goes. We are a different person each day every minute, we might be at a different frequency level due to what we are going through and how we choose to respond. We have choices to choose whether what kind/ which type of energy to receive, how to respond to scenarios - what kind of cycle that we want to create.

Yang Ear Cuff is with an Energy Totem** contains and releases Sun energy - the bright, positive and warm energy. It helps to:

· organise your thoughts, clear your mind, and calm your emotion

· brings you bright, positive, warm energy, brings you hope and faith

· clear out negative thoughts and energy within you, helps you to face obstacles and difficulties positively, brings you courage to achieve your goals

· deepen your spiritually and mentally detox, cleanse your aura, boost your Yang (positive) energy

· keep you away from low frequency energy

We hope this Yang Ear Cuff helps you through your tough times, helps you create a better life, and helps you become a better you.


Green mind, green material. Sustainable silver product in 24k gold vermeil.

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