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Whisper Of the Tree Elfs Single Ear Cuff S925 Silver

Whisper Of the Tree Elfs Single Ear Cuff S925 Silver

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New series - spiritual ear cuff collection: Whisper of the Tree Elfs single ear cuff / knuckle ring in S925 Recycled Sterling Silver.

Designed for 2-Ways wearing: suitable as knuckle ring & for both ears with 2 designs at front and back.

  • Delicate Details.
  • With Brand Stamp.

Green product in Ecosilver.


| Spiritual Series | Environmentally-friendly recycled sterling silver | Made by designers in Hong Kong with 3D modeling, carefully selected high-quality environmentally-friendly recycled 925 sterling silver materials.

【Whispers of the Forest Elf】
Have you ever talked to flowers and trees?
Research points to the fact that more flowers will be planted, the better the flowers will be, the more they will bloom ❤️
Everything has a spirit, and the dense jungle of trees in the forest is full of cute and innocent elves.
Designers who are also psychic mediums will talk to the forest spirits and like to secretly watch the forest spirits work hard.
How can we not share such wonderful and beautiful scenery and scenery?

The brand's latest research and development jewelry [the whispering ear clip/knuckle ring of the forest elf] depicts the purity and innocence of the forest elf.
Outline the woods to interact with us. We would like to take everyone to see the whispers of mountains and forests from the perspective of a psychic through the newly developed ear bone clip.
Feel the magic of the forest. Let us slowly open a new chapter of the brand, step by step towards the spiritual chapter.
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