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Hinoki LAB

Outdoor Body Spray Refill 200ml | Hinoki Lab

Outdoor Body Spray Refill 200ml | Hinoki Lab

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  • Blend of Okayama hinoki and lavender
  • 100% natural outdoor body spray against insects

    protect skin with natural essential oils

    Our Hinoki scents have benefits of psychological relaxation, sterilization, and insect repellent. To enhance the effects, lavender and lemongrass oils are integrated for creating a beautiful blend of scents.

    Refreshing and Comforting natural fragrance

    Perfumer Christele from south of France created the fragrance, inspired by the forest bathing experience in Shinjo Village and combining it with traditional
    scents from Provence.

    Ecologic package Less plastic

    The main bottle is made from Aluminum. We use fewer plastics to reduce the burden to the environment and pursue sustainability.

    japanese aroma hinoki outdoor body spray how to use life style

    protecting skins
    At the park, shopping, farming, camps, sports

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