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Mount Feather - Premium Organic Herbal Blend (10-sachet Box)

Mount Feather - Premium Organic Herbal Blend (10-sachet Box)

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10 biodegradable pillow sachets individually wrapped in foil envelopes.

The king of green tea in China, Mount Feather is grown on high mountain region where its tea leaves are nurtured by the best condition of soil and climate, offering the most natural and refreshing flavour of all green tea.




  • Fresh orchid bloom plus a hint of magnolia.
  • Sweet, refreshing with a smart finish. Some might experience a clean aftertaste that lasts
  • FlavourA sip of fresh mint with an icy feeling on the lips.
  • Caffeine LevelCaffeine Free
  • To Use2g per 200ml water (100 ̊C). Steep 6-8 minutes.
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