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保溫隨行杯 TO GO TUMBLER 360ml White

保溫隨行杯 TO GO TUMBLER 360ml White

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TO GO TUMBLER保溫隨行杯,外帶店剛好的尺寸 / 18/8雙層不鏽鋼製,真空設計防燙手,保溫保冷 / 透明防塵蓋,斜口飲嘴設計 / 杯身上寬下窄,合用各車款杯架

/ 商品規格 /
尺寸:φ8.6 x H12.8cm

/ Product Detail /

 ‧ Volume: 12.17oz / 360ml
 ‧ Size: φ8.6 x H12.8cm
 ‧ Material: stainless steel (powder coating), polypropylene, silicone
 ‧ Keep content hot (70℃/158℃) for 1 hour
 ‧ Keep content cold (10℃/50℃) for 5 hours
 ‧ Not dishwasher safe

Suitable for cup holder
The cup body is wide at the bottom and narrow at the bottom, which not only can be gripped for deeper cleaning at the bottom; the appearance is painted with anti-scratch powder, and the non-slip feel is even higher. Even the petite girls can easily use it, and A cup holder for every car!

Useful design of the transparent lid
The transparent dust cover not only allows you to see the amount of water in the cup without opening the cover but also visually pulls the flower. The intimate slanting mouth design reduces the trouble of spilling when drinking, and you can drink directly after removing the cover, Safe and thin cup edge, good for outdoor activities!

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