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Hinoki LAB

Bath Salt 300g (Pink Wood)

Bath Salt 300g (Pink Wood)

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Promoting deep relaxation of hinoki aroma bath. Pink salt contains Ca, Mg, and other natural minerals to soften skin and gently warm body.

hinoki LAB bath salt is with Himalayan salt which contains beneficial minerals and a blend of 3 of the finest hinoki essential oils carefully steam distilled in Shinjo Village. You can enjoy deep relaxation like you are walking in the forest.


  • Half body bath: Pour warm water into the bathtub mix it with bath salt, and then take a half-body bath. Put 1.5 tablespoons (30g) if you have sensitive skin, please use a small amount first.
  • Footbath: Put hot water into the basin, put little bath salt into water and let it soak.

  • As room fragrance: Put it in a cloth bag or container, put whereever you want in the room

Made in Japan

hinoki Lab was established in 1985, pursuing to protect forests. With the efforts of more than 30 years of research on hinoki, we present the beauty of hinoki fragrance and its benefits.

We consider research and development as a heart of our brand. Understanding plants and creating a product that brings well being to life. We also conduct a joint research with Okayama University and third party laboratories to deepen our awareness. We are continuously discovering the beauty and benefits of hinoki and other Japanese plants.

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