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Fragrance Amuse Air 30ml

Fragrance Amuse Air 30ml

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A breathable and sugary scent with a mission for the enthusiasm

Amuse air is a scent, that gives you consider something thoughtfully. It acts  as your own muse.

The top notes create a sweet cocktail: tangerine, jasmine, cedarwood, lavender and lemon velvety accords. Patchouli and vanilla with its powdery floral notes end the composition.

TOP NOTES tangerine


BASE NOTES vanilla

Scents go into emotions and are stored better in memory than other senses. So, it’s not irrelevant what kind of message you pass on about yourself to others.

The new amuse air fragrance consists of 100% natural oils, absolutes, fragrance components, and organic alcohol. The fragrances are unisex, and they adapt to their own personal scent on each skin/garment.

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