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Hinoki LAB

Essential Oil 30ml (Branch & Leaf) | Hinoki Lab

Essential Oil 30ml (Branch & Leaf) | Hinoki Lab

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Extracted from carefully selected Hinoki trees, grown in the mountains of the Okayama prefecture. Once inhaled, it calms and relaxes you, as if you were soaking in a Hinoki bath. Uniquely perfect for someone who is modest, elegant and has an imposing presence. It is also a great gift for men.

Enjoy the blessings of the forest at home, such as taking a bath or enjoying a few drops in a handkerchief


  • For a bath: 2-3 drops in the bathtub
  • For a sauna: add few drops to the water and splash it to the sauna rocks or coal for relaxing aroma steams.
  • To Refresh: 1-2 drops on tissues and handkerchiefs. Place on your bedside or desk and enjoy the scent.
  • For a diffuser: 3 to 6 drops. (electronic diffuser)
  • For a potpourri: 3 to 6 drops. (potpourri & sachet) 


  • Contains: 30ml
  • Raw Material:  Hinoki branch (produced in the Okayama prefecture)
  • Production Area: Okayama
  • Distillation Method: Steam distillation metho_d
  • Country of origin Made in Japa
  • Use within 2 years from the manufacture date

Do not use or store the product within reach of children or near a fire. For external use only.

hinoki Lab was established in 1985, pursuing to protect forests. With the efforts of more than 30 years of research on hinoki, we present the beauty of hinoki fragrance and its benefits.

We consider research and development as a heart of our brand. Understanding plants and creating a product that brings well being to life. We also conduct a joint research with Okayama University and third party laboratories to deepen our awareness. We are continuously discovering the beauty and benefits of hinoki and other Japanese plants.

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