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Crush On You Blue Topaz Earring- Silver

Crush On You Blue Topaz Earring- Silver

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Indulge in the healing energy of our Crush On You Blue Topaz Earring. Crafted with 925 pure silver and natural topaz, it offers relief from emotional stress and anxiety. Symbolic of friendship and loyalty, this birthstone for November makes a meaningful gift for your loved ones' emotional well-being. Let our Slonane earrings be their sanctuary, providing strength and comfort in times of difficulty.

Stone: Sky Blue Topaz, 5A White Zirconia
Colour: Silver
Product type: Earring
Metal: S925 silver with 14K white gold plated

  • Natural gemstones vary slightly in colour, shape, and size. Small blemishes and blemishes may appear on its surface. Please note before purchasing.

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