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Corn Field Kitchen Cloth - Biscuit & Egg

Corn Field Kitchen Cloth - Biscuit & Egg

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Printed in KOREA on finest quality with a Linen-Cotton Blend Fabric.
(Linen 55%, Cotton 45%)

The product you received may be wrinkled. Iron the unprinted side when ironing.
Iron in a short time by raising enough heat and ironing with a sprayer to spread the strong wrinkles better.
Adjust the amount of spray so that the fabric doesn't get too wet.
If you hang the wet linen fabric right away, the fabric may stretch, so lay it on a flat floor and dry it enough.

It is recommended to wash with lukewarm water of 30 degrees when using the washing machine.
Stains can occur due to the fabric properties, so water should be used sufficiently when washing or rinsing.
Also, you must dehydrate immediately after washing to prevent contamination.
When washing, shrinkage may occur due to fabric characteristics (within 5%).
Do not use bleach and dry it in the shade.
We are not responsible for damage to the product due to the wrong washing method.

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