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Common Good

【Common Good】Bathroom Cleaner Bergamot 浴室清潔劑 佛手柑

【Common Good】Bathroom Cleaner Bergamot 浴室清潔劑 佛手柑

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/ 規格 /

/ 產品功能 /
無動物測試(通過Leaping Bunny認證)

尋找一個沒有所有刺激性化學物質的波光粼粼的清潔浴室,Common Good可提供最佳,無毒的清潔用品,這些清潔用品自然,勤勞且在您的檯面上看起來很漂亮。


/ 精油特點 /
作為普通大眾最喜歡的精油之一,佛手柑一直是最好的天然消毒劑和抗生素。 這種美味的鎮靜香氣可抑制細菌,病毒和真菌的生長,同時還可以有效防止皮膚感染。

/ 全成分 /


/ Details /
Volume: 16oz (473ml)

/ Product Functions /
Plant-derived lactic acid to remove soap scum and lime scale from a tub, tile, and sink
Safe for use on porcelain and ceramic surfaces
Plant-based with 100% pure essential oil scents
Cruelty-free (Leaping Bunny certified)
Biodegradable formula
No parabens or sulfates
Free of synthetic fragrance, phthalates, optical brighteners, dye, chlorine bleach and ammonia.

Looking for a sparklingly clean bathroom without all the harsh chemicals Common Good creates the best non-toxic cleaning supplies that are natural, hardworking, and look beautiful on your countertop. 

Made in the USA

/ Essential Oil Spotlight /
As one of Common Good favorite essential oils, Bergamot is always the best natural disinfectant and antibiotic. This deliciously calm scent inhibit the growth of germs, virus, and fungi, while also effectively prohibit skin infections.

/ Full Ingredient List /
water, lactic acid, decyl glucoside

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